Create your own food gift hamper for Mothers Day 2021

on March 09, 2021

Create your own food gift hamper for Mothers Day 2021

Home Delivery Grocery have a special idea for Mother's Day on 14th March 2021, which is a food gift hamper you build yourself. Our Create Your Own Mother's Day Food Hamper also has a limited offer whereby you claim FREE UK delivery with a minimum spend of just £20. What's not to love?

Alcohol-Free, Vegetarian Dietry Requirements

Our ethos is to offer a variety of food and beverages from around the world to cater for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dietry requirements and dairy-free online for you to buy from the comfort of your chair. All deliveries will be posted via Royal Mail direct to your door without needing to reserve a time slot. We offer convenience, superb customer services and we'd love to engage with you on social media - Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram today!

Create your own mothers day food gift hamper box UK post letterbox gifts

FREE Delivery - Create Your Own Food Hamper Box Letterbox Gifts

Here are the list of items you can choose to go into your special food gift box, for a sweet treat choose honey or extra special rhubarb jam, and for the teetotal mums and mother's raise a glass of alcohol-free rose Gin and taste delicious dark and milk chocolates (also alcohol-free)

Basilur Classic Assorted Tea Bags
Holdsworth Classic Dark Assortment 110g
London Honey Co Isle of Purbeck Honey 250g
Black Bee Honey British Spring Honey 227g
Thursday Cottage Rhubarb & Ginger Jam 340g
Gin Botanicals Hibiscus Rose Alcohol-Free Gin 70cl
Biona Demeter Harissa Chilli Relish 125g
Basilur Oriental Assorted Specialty Tea Collection - Tea Book II
Basilur Specialty Tea Classic Gift Box
Basilur Earl Grey Tea Bags
Holdsworth Sir Robin of Locksley Gin Truffles 100g
Holdsworth Signature Assortment Non Alcoholic Chocolates
Dolfin Chocolat Made in Belgium Box 48 Panache - 12 Flavours
Simon Coll Amatller Barcelona 70% Dark Choc Leaves Tins
Simon Coll Amatller Barcelona White Choc & Strawberry Leaves Tin

Mother's Day 2021 things to do with the kids

Stress-free things to do with your children - Let's face it, it's been a tough year for everyone and most of us have had our children big and small at home, probably sending us a little potty at times and now after only just getting them back to school, it's mummy’s break time to relax and be treated, right?.

Parents will often feel burned out from homeschooling during lockdown, you will definitely be feeling tired, but you still don't want them glued to the screens 24/7. Read on if you want some simple quick ideas to get the children engaged and off the screens but stress-free for you.
  • Take them to the park or green space and whilst they are playing plant some small treats or healthy snacks and then spring the surprise on them. Children love a surprise and even better if it involves something tasty and unexpected for them.
  • Make a salt dough, use 1/4 cup of water, 1/4 cup of salt, 1/2 cup of flour. You can then make any shape you want, eggs, hearts, candle holders and what you make then needs to be cooked. If you place it on baking paper in the oven it will take 3.5 hours to cook at 120c and then harden.  Then have fun painting any colour you like. 


  • Pack up lots of sandwiches and fruit and get out for the day, only decide once you in the car and on the way. So much time is wasted stressing over going to the right place when sometimes it just matters that you get out. If you have any equipment, take bats and balls, bubbles  to blow and anything that may mean you can have fun staying out a bit longer. 
  • Baking, because who doesn't love a cookie or two. If you are feeling lazy then buy a box of ready-made cookie dough. However, you will get more for your money and a slightly healthier option if you get a quick recipe online or YouTube and make them yourself.
  • Do you have any spare potatoes left? cut them in half, make some shapes in them, dip them in the paint to make different easter eggs on paper. Little ones will love this messy play and it's cheap and cheerful.
  • Weather permitting how about camping in your garden? This is also a great opportunity to test out your tents and equipment. You can light an instant BBQ and supervise marshmallow toasting and finger food such as mini sliders and roasted vegetable skewers. Being in the garden you won’t need to worry about spare clothes and the bathroom is within close proximity! After being cooped up for so long, being out in nature may be a little natural happy boost you all need.
  • Even teens will love this one as long as there is a good prize for the winner. Boiled egg and spoon races will never go out of fashion, so if you can play it outside and make egg rolls afterwards if the eggs are in good enough condition. 
  • Let the children make an indoor den with sheets, pegs and have a midnight feast. If they are young enough, you could always say at 8 pm it's midnight and they will never know. 
  • Finally, whatever you decide to do during Mother’s Day weekend, try not to try too hard. Kids love playing in cardboard boxes and making art with paints and colourful crayons, we know some adults who still love this too!