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Store Cupboard and Pantry Ingredients

Tinned vegetables, fruits, packet desserts, and tinned fish meals that were once neglected have been rising in demand during lockdown days. Extremely handy and packed with the nutrition they are often a complete meal just requiring heating up.

From snacks, main meals, and brand name soups to desserts and home baking ingredients, there is a wealth of ways in which tinned foods can be put to use.

To avoid being monotonous with repetition of the same recipes try innovating and giving them a new twist, or just use as the main ingredient with lots of added flavour and texture to give you a completely satisfying meal. Used as the building blocks for a satisfying meal just requires some planning and innovation but could save time and resources as you turn to these store cupboard staples to cook for yourself of your family.

Recipe Ideas To Try - Meat Free, Vegetarian and Vegan

Watch this space every month, as we publish interesting recipes on our blog using tinned food items as the base. But why not share with us, if you have any inspiring ideas? Contact Us today! is your next door grocery store. Your online food cupboard with a wide range of products to help you cook, bake, snack and live healthy. Order from the comfort and safety of your home and your order will be packed in boxes and delivered by a trusted parcel delivery service.

Pantry & Store Cupboard (38)

Tetley Original Tea Bags x40


Crisp n Dry Oil 1 litre


Nandos Medium Peri Peri Sauce


Schwartz Paprika 40g


Sacla Vegan Tomato Pesto 190g


Rowse Acacia Honey 250g


Sacla Vegan Basil Pesto


Riverdene Premium Tuna Chunks in Sunflower Oil 185g


Rowse Clear Honey