We are your online shop for food cupboard and pantry supplies

We are your online shop for food cupboard and pantry supplies with a wide range of carefully selected products to help you cook, bake, snack and live healthy.

Set up to cater to the growing demand for a safer and convenient home shopping experience, we aim to focus on supplying you with variety beyond the essentials so that you can enjoy cooking and baking at home.

The inspiration for the store was our own experience during the lockdown and input from friends and family about the challenges of grocery shopping and difficulties on getting an online delivery slot.

While the extreme conditions are temporary and we live in hope to return to a safe normalcy soon, we will continue to support those that may have difficulty accessing a store or an online slot. This is supported by the way we deliver, where your order is packed into boxes and delivered to your doorstep by a trusted parcel service.

Our social pledge is to donate to our local food bank every week, and you can help us by shopping on our store.

We welcome your comments about what you would like to be considered for adding to your range, subject to availability.

Shop conveniently, indulge in your favourite recipes, and live well.