Create Your Own Vegetarian Food Gift Hampers London UK Delivery

on May 13, 2021

Create Your Own Food Gifts - Vegetarian Hampers London UK Delivery

We offer fast despatch UK Nationwide and throughout London for delivery direct to your door with all of our bespoke, build and create your own vegetarian food boxes. Our customers buy online for the fast delivery via Royal Mail, and the benefit of choosing exactly what vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy free and alcohol-free drinks to add to the food parcels. We supply to people in need of a doorstep delivery of a food parcel containing store cupboard supplies, recipe ingredients and worldwide foods, snacks direct from here in the UK.

Honey, Tea and Chocolate Food Gift Hampers

BASILUR Oriental Assorted Specialty Tea Collection - Tea Book II
Presented in a book-shaped gift box
  • FROSTY AFTERNOON - Pure Ceylon black tea and natural flavours passionfruit and orange.
  • ORIENT DELIGHT - 100% Pure Ceylon black tea with tips, no additives.
  • WHITE MOON - Ceylon green tea blended with other origin green tea Milk Oolong and natural flavour milk.
  • PERSIAN EARL GREY - Pure Ceylon black tea and natural flavours bergamot.
  • View the Basilur Specialist Tea box and buy online

Honey Food Gifts to Delight - create your own food gift hamper box with a jar of delicious honey such as London Honey Co Isle of Purbeck or Black Bee British Spring Honey.

Non-alcoholic Chocolates - Holdsworth Signature Assortment Non Alcoholic Chocolates, Dolfin Chocolat Made in Belgium Box 48 Panache - 12 Flavours, Simon Coll Amatller Barcelona White Choc & Strawberry Leaves Tin and Holdsworth Classic Dark Assortment.

Our ethos is to offer a variety of food and beverages from around the world to cater for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dietry requirements and dairy-free online for you to buy from the comfort of your chair.

All deliveries will be posted via Royal Mail direct to your door without needing to reserve a time slot. We offer convenience, superb customer services and we'd love to engage with you on social media - Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram today!

Build Your Own Food Gift Boxes London and UK Delivery

Whatever the occasion, Christmas, Easter, a special birthday or Mother's Day, we built our business supplying high quality brand names of food and drink products to suit everyone's taste. Build your own food gift box and send UK nationwide with the confidence of fast despatch and delivery.

We like to share homemade recipes for you to try at home, this month it's a fat-free fresh soup made from fresh tomatoes created by one of our team:

Fresh Tomato and Chilli Soup


This is a very flexible recipe which allows you to add leftover vegetables and clear out the salad drawer in your fridge. This super simple soup is good for batch freezing, and the quantities can be adjusted to whatever volume you like. This particular creation is made combining fresh tomatoes and canned.

Method with pressure cooker

Preperation: Score the fresh tomatoes once around the circumference, chop your onions and fresh chillis and throw everything into the pot with salt and pepper.

Use high pressure for 10 minutes and when you have done the quick release use some kitchen tongs to lift out the tomatoe skins (conveniently split into halves) and transfer to a food blender.

Add the pesto, chopped tomatoes and puree to taste. Blend on a low speed, increasing the speed as the liquid becomes homogonised.

You can store in jam jars, or plastic soup containers, or choose to leave some to cool down and spoon into ziplock freezer bags (squeeze excess air out as much as you can) for future use.

Build your vegtarian food hamper create gifts tomato soup

Organic, Fresh, Vegan Tomato Side Salad Recipe

INGREDIENTS (per person)
100g fresh organic mushrooms thickly sliced (we used chestnut mushrooms)
12-ish fresh organic (or home grown) cherry tomatoes
Fresh organic spinach to taste
Dash of Olive oil
Toasted Sourdough bread, any bakery bread
Salt and ground black pepper

create your own food gift hamper box UK delivery